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Gualapack Pouch Filling Machines


Matching our designs to your needs


Gualapack’s range of filling machines are designed for flexibility, to use the most suitable process for each type of product.


For example, the simple cold filling process can be used for short-life dairy products with acid PH. Alternatively, the hot filling and product pasteurisation process for the filled product, allows processing of long-life fruit and vegetable-based products.


The specialised filling technology, which reduces the presence of small oxygen quantities in the packaging, together with the careful design of the pasteurisation equipment, make this technology both safe and reliable, with complete control over the process parameters.

The machine’s design, the Clean In Place (CIP) efficiency and the packaging quality ensure a high level of reliability.

The evolution of this process is the new Ultra Clean (UC) technology, which adds specific elements - filling with laminar flow and UC filling valve - and offers a higher safety standard for sensitive products, as far as prevention and product contamination are concerned.

Thanks to the ongoing research regarding the packaging materials, a retortable pouch technology is now available.

The Gualapack machines can fill the container with Ph neutral milk-based products. These are subsequently sterilised in an autoclave, in order to obtain a long-life, shelf stable product.



CHP40 - Single Filling Head

Single filling head designed for low to medium production



Dual filling heads designed for medium to high production


Six filling heads designed for high production