Cheerpack is our most successful innovation to be introduced to the Australasian market. It is a patented, high quality, spouted pouch with uses ranging from baby food and dairy to sunscreens and medicinal – and virtually everything in between.  

Cheerpack offers convenience and easy use for products of varying types and densities. The ergonomic pouch has high barrier qualities which are tailored to the requirements of the contents.

Cheerpack ranges in capacity from 40 ml to 1,000 ml. High quality gravure printing is eye catching and adds to your product’s shelf appeal. The tamper evident, recloseable cap simply adds to the positive consumer experience. 

Cheerpack is available for cold or hot fill and is also available in a retortable pouch. This Cheerpack technology for retortable spouted pouches is commercially proven technology.

We are happy to hold confidential discussions if required. Please direct enquiries via our contact page.