Dual filling heads designed for medium to high production


The CHP2H is a filling machine designed for medium to high production, made up by a rotating board on which the pouches are filled and closed.


The machine is equipped with a magazine which can hold up to around 950 pouches.

It is designed for filling pouches of capacities ranging from 40ml to 500ml (Cheerpack side gusset) or 40ml to 250ml (Stand Up Pouches with Spout) with liquid or creamy products.


The filling machine can be customised for each product and according to individual requirements (for example - fruit juice, compote, yogurt etc.)

The Theoretical Speed is between 65 items and 88 items per minute. Production rates can be varied from 25% to 100% of the maximum speed, by adjusting the working speed of the doser pump and the rotating speed of the board.
The CHP2H is made up of:

• 1 pouch loader
• 1 rotating board
• 1 product tank
• 2 doser pumps
• 2 filling valves
• 1 circular vibrator for stoppers
• 2 screwers
• 1 outlet belt