Total Packaging Solutions

Metalprint Australia is the culmination of over 35 years of experience in the Australian flexible packaging industry. Our focus is on promoting product technology and innovation to our customers – who range from niche product manufacturers to national brands familiar to all.

Our experience encompasses all aspects of the flexible packaging industry, including film and laminate specifications, chemical engineering, artwork and printing, sales and marketing, management, logistics and most importantly, market and packaging trends – both here and overseas.


Metalprint Australia works with you to provide a Total Packaging Solution with packaging systems that include fillers, packaging materials, pouches and most importantly technology to support the systems.


The Cheerpack pouch is a lightweight and compact packaging system, providing consumer convenience and maximising shelf appeal for a wide range of products for food and non food.


Laminates can range from a simple cold fill laminate for yogurt, hot fill foil laminate for fruit puree to retortable laminates in clear and foil structures for baby foods. These laminates have properties that can deliver long shelf life in conjunction with the specific features in our Gualapack Fillers.


We source filling machines exclusively from Gualapack - Italy, the leading designer of fillers for pre made spouted pouches globally.  


The range of Gualapack filling machines is designed to suit all levels of production. Production capacity of the smallest machine is up to 40 items per minute increasing to 180 items per minute on the largest machine.


Pasteurisation tunnels and Cooling Baths can also be added to the line.


Many of our customers require their own filling machine(s), however, co-packing arrangements are not uncommon. We are happy to discuss the various options with you.
If you would like further information, or to discuss packaging solutions, please direct enquiries via our contact page.